What & where?

  Just a week (and some hours) left till the competition starts; so it's time to a little delation. You may read it there, you may may check it on the "information" tab then - race base is located in the primary school in Szklarska Poręba. This is a nice, clean and quite a spacious place. Toilets, showers for women, men and others. And do no not hesitate to use it - as it will be much less comfy on the course... You may check it out, either. Just take a look at TA's tab... Besides - maybe it won't be comfy, but how... historical? Picture below - you may compare it to the reality, soon:

 By the way - the deadline for entries is coming soon! So, do not hesitate any more - as it would be much easier for us to prepare proper numeber of kayaks, for example... Anyway - you're welcome. And some more infos (leght of the stages, special tasks) - very soon! Bye!