Climbing stuff - how (to) come?

   Some (quita a big number, to be sincere) competitors used to bother us about climbing equipment last days. May we use this, or that maybe... Our chief of the climbing section, Ing.Twaryszczuk, wrote some dissertation about the problem - which you can read below. Do pay your attention to the e-mail address at the very end of this elaborate. This is a right place to get any (climbing) knowledge...

This is to avoid any problems, that would have happen all over the years (although they haven't...)

 As far as safety rules are concerned - we follow Polish law, as it wouldn't be so funny to spend some years in prison... So - whatever is going on - competitor must have at least two attachment points. Climbing equipment have to be certificated and used due to the rules, that are provided by manufacturer.

So, let's make it clear:

- you may use GriGri as a descender, but you have to have another belay device (prusik, shunt)

- you cannot use a cord as a lanyards (we would accept slings)

- cutting a loop in order to use it as a rope is forbidden

- you may use mini traction - following instructions of the manufacturer

- figure eight and munter hitch are forbidden as a descender device 

- yes, you will need either double lanyard - or two single ones

- using Tibloc is forbidden

- any kind of jumer (ascenders) or crolls cannot be used as a belay device while descending (no mater how stupid it would look like...)

Any more questions, hesitations or doubts? Go ahead and write:

Regards - and see you...